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Frequently asked questions

What is Hypnosis?

All hypnosis is self hypnosis. Hypnosis is the natural pathway to sleep, a deeply relaxed state. A person will only go into hypnosis if they choose to, even when working with a therapist. They are totally conscious and are a consenting participant who is fully in control and aware of their surroundings. Being able to easily transition into a deeply relaxed hypnotic state is a valuable tool for birth. The skills taught throughout the HypnoBirthing® course will help you to keep your mind calm and your body free of tension, allowing your body and your baby to instinctively move through each stage of birth without fear or resistance. Your relaxed body will produce endorphins which are natures feel good hormones. Endorphins increase pleasure signals whilst blocking pain signals and stress hormones. Getting the endorphins flowing throughout your labour is paramount to having a calm birth and teaching you how to achieve this is one of the fundamentals of the HypnoBirthing® program.

When should we commence the course?

Ideally it is best to complete the course when you are between 22 & 34 weeks pregnant. This will allow you enough time to complete the 5 week course, become confident with the content and practice the techniques in preparation for your birth. If you are already beyond 34 weeks gestation, please contact me to discuss how I can help you prepare.

Does my birth companion attend the course?

Yes! One of the many positives of HypnoBirthing® is that it gives partners a role to play in birth. Your birth companion will be taught how to support and advocate for you throughout your pregnancy and birth. They will learn how to support you with the HypnoBirthing® techniques including physical support through massage techniques etc

What should we bring?

You should bring yourself, your birth companion, an open mind and postive outlook! You should wear comfortable clothing (you will lie down at times and will also be practicing positions for birth). You will be provided with a folder of resources that you should bring with you to each session also. Light refreshments will be provided.

Is HypnoBirthing® allowed in hospitals?

Absolutely! The course is actually taught in many hospitals world wide. This is your pregnancy and your birth therefore how you birth is your choice. Whether you choose to birth in hospital or at home the HypnoBirthing® course will educate you on your options so that you are making informed choices regarding your care. Throughout the course I will also help you prepare your birth preferences for you to give to your care provider at your birth.

What is the financial investment?

Your investment of $600 includes 5 x 2.5hr sessions, the book 'HypnoBirthing The Mongan Method' By Marie Mongan, relaxation and birth affirmation MP3's, printable birth affirmations, a folder full of valuable information including guidance on preparing your birth preferences, light refreshments during the course and my continued support throughout your pregnancy.

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